Tomas Vyšniauskas

Photographer and Media Artist, Partner and Creative Director of Award winning photographer, specialises in creative and art direction of commercial and fashion work. Tomas is a lecturer in photography, traveller and a talented chef.

The key agent in Vyšniauskas’ photography is light which destroys matter. Even the body of a figure in a studio melts in light. His approach to the figure is related more to Christian iconography and less to modern images of the body. Like a Baroque painter, Vyšniauskas is particularly attentive to contrasts of light and shade which (possibly without the photographer’s intention) eroticise the model. In this case, it is not important whether he or somebody else is posing. Vyšniauskas’ photographs give rise to the question – is the body necessary? Or is it just an anchor for space that would extend to infinity without the body? <…>“

Laima Kreivytė, art critic
in Lithuanian Photography, Yesterday and Today 05